Arcanum Man Sentenced in Wife's Death

October 6, 2015

Raymond Emerson, of Arcanum, was convicted in August of Corrupting Another with Drugs in the death of his wife, Angela.

Angela Emerson died January, 2014, of an overdoes involving multiple drugs.  The drugs included half of a Fentanyl patch her husband was accused of administering.  The drug screen performed after Angela's death found nine different drugs of five classifications in her body.  She had a history of prescription drug abuse, illicit drug abuse, as well as three drug overdoses requiring hospitalization in the fifteen moths preceding her death.

Emerson was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 60 months community control, also a $5,000 fine, a six-month license suspension, probation with high-level supervision, and any recommended treatment programs for substance or mental issues.

Courtesy of the Daily Advocate