Inmate Makes Unauthorized Stops During Furlough

September 17, 2014-

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey reports that information was received regarding Shyla Prater not following the terms of her furlough.  Prater was released from the Detention Facility on Monday, 9-15-2014 at 9:15 am.  Prater was allowed to travel directly from the Detention Facility to her treatment program in St. Marys.

Surveillance was conducted on Prater and she made several unauthorized stops, which included a fast food restaurant, Westview Park in Celina, and a relative's residence in St. Marys.

The investigation also revealed that Prater had previously deviated from her furlough and altered a drug test.

The Sheriff's Office is seeking charges of tampering with evidence, and will ask the Court to revoke her furlough privileges

Courtesy of Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey