Separate Trials Set For Teens In Wintrow Slaying

April 16, 2014: Troy, OH - Two Troy teens charged with murder in the Oct. 30 fatal shooting of Nathan Wintrow during a home invasion will have separate trials in Miami County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Christopher Gee filed a decision Tuesday granting the request for Patrick McGail, 18, of Troy. He and Jason Sowers II, 17, also of Troy, are charged with murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary with firearms specifications in the death of Wintrow, 20, at his Canal Street home. Witnesses at previous court hearings have testified the two went into the house that night to rob Wintrow.

Sowers is the accused gunman. A trial for the two had been scheduled for May.

McGail's lawyer filed a motion for a separate trial, arguing that evidence and testimony against one defendant might not apply to the second. That could lead to confusion for a jury and an unfair trial for McGail, defense lawyer Chris Bucio wrote in the request. He also asked for a new trial date, saying more time was needed to review a large amount of information received recently from prosecutors.

Gee granted the requests for a separate trial and new trial date. McGail now is to be tried Aug. 5.

Sowers' lawyer, John Herndon, did not oppose the move for separate trials and did not ask for a new trial date. Sowers' trial is to begin May 13.

A third defendant, 19-year-old Brendon Terrel, also of Troy, has admitted to felony complicity to aggravated robbery, complicity to aggravated burglary and a firearms specification. He did not go into the house with the others and will testify against them, county Prosecutor Tony Kendell said. Terrel has not been sentenced.

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