Elderly Woman Borrows Car

September 29, 2014-

The Auglaize County Sheriff's Office put out a "be on the lookout" yesterday around 2:21 pm for an elderly woman who had taken her husband's car.  The woman left Minster and her husband thought she may head to Sidney.

Sgt. Steve Schaffner, Jr., from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office spotted the vehicle at 2:37 pm driving on Ohio 47.  Sgt. Schaffner was aware the woman was suffering from dementia, had no license and took her husband's car.  He attempted to stop her for a traffic violation, but she didn't stop.  Sgt. Schaffner followed the woman, with lights and sirens activated, into Sidney where the woman stopped for a red light on Stolle Drive in Sidney.

The woman was taken to a local business where she and the officer waited for her husband.

Courtesy of the Sidney Daily News