Woman With Ebola Visited Ohio

October 17, 2014-

An alarming turn in the Ebola crisis may affect Ohioans.  A Texas nurse, Amber Vinson, flew on Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Texas.  Vinson had taken care of the now deceased Thomas Erin Duncan, a Liberian national who died at the hospital after becoming the first person to test positive for Ebola in the U.S.

Vinson was visiting from last Friday to Monday and reported symptoms Tuesday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.  Vinson is being treated in an Atlanta hospital.

UPDATE:  Eight individuals in northeast Ohio were under quarantine yesterday while health officials broadened the group of people notified they may have been in contact with Vinson.  Officials are looking for shoppers who were at an Akron bridal shop Vinson patronized.

Courtesy of WHIO