Thanks To Our Troops

To submit the name of your veteran you'd like to honor email their name and branch of service to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and put "veterans" in the subject line.  We will keep these names up and add more every day all year long as a way to "Thank You" for your service.

Larry Hawkey U.S. Marines
Roger Smith U.S. Navy
Tyler Slusser U.S. Marines
Andrew Taylor U.S. Marines
Tylor Ginter U.S. Marines
Matt Gengler U.S. Army
Austin Adams U.S. Marines
Seth Herndon U.S. Marines
Mark Burgoon U.S. Army
Adam Kelly U.S. Marines
Gary Kelly U.S. Marines
Scott Anderson U.S. Marines
Jessica Roeder U.S. Navy
Christine Heitkamp-VanIderstine U.S. Air Force
Chris VanIderstine U.S. Air Force
Paula Heitkamp U.S. Air Force
Dave Heitkamp U.S. Air Force
Dale Heitkamp U.S. Air Force
Wes Matsel U.S. Air Force
Ralph Reynolds U.S. Army
Maurice C. Taylor U.S. Air Force
Taylor Bennett U.S. Army
Kurtis Rush U.S. Marines
John Altenburger U.S. Army Air Corps
Paul Burnett U.S. Navy
Kyle Delauter U.S. Marines
Brian Hone U.S. Navy
Adam Kuhn U.S. Marines
Homer Burnett U.S. Air Force
Charles L. Adair U.S. Army
Jack Hagerman U.S. Navy
Doug Fleagle U.S. Army National Guard
Andy Fleagle U.S. Army
Ryan Newton U.S. Navy
Blair Temple U.S. Army National Guard
Ric Wilson U.S. Navy
John C. Fridley U.S. Air Force
Ronnie L. Matsel U.S. Air Force
Ivle K. Lindy U.S. Army Air Corps
Chris Henry U.S. Army
Ryan Johnson U.S. Army
Scott Wolaver U.S. Air Force
Lynn Morrell U.S. Marines
Joshua Fugate U.S. Air Force
Rick Gift U.S. Air Force
Tim Crady U.S. Navy
Austin Adams U.S. Marines
Kevin Adams U.S. Marines
Ed Adams U.S. Army
Tom Tierney U.S. Army National Guard
Joseph E. Ritter U.S. Marines
Bob Meyer U.S. Army
John C. Wimer U.S. Army
Mark Kuhbander

U.S. Navy

Richard Meyer

U. S. Army National Guard